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Syrup Stocking Stuffers @Grupp's Christmas Tree Farm

There is no better place to get a fresh cut Christmas tree in the Pittsburgh area than Grupp Farms .  While you are there, be sure to check out our Maple Syrup @ Grupp's Christmas Tree Farm & Gift Shop this holiday season! Our boutique maple leaf shaped glass bottles make perfect stocking stuffers!

"Love, Pittsburgh Shop" Gift Boxes

Looking for the perfect holiday gift? Hoping to find something unique, thoughtful, and locally sourced? We are thrilled to be partnering with the Love, Pittsburgh Shop this holiday season! Our all natural, hand crafted pure Pennsylvania maple syrup is being featured along side other local products in the Winter Morning gift box. Treat someone this holiday season with an authentically Pittsburgh breakfast in a box! The Love, Pittsburgh Shop is a proud champion of local artists and makers. Join them in supporting our local businesses and browse their other gift boxes and products today!

See What Our Customers are Saying

"This maple syrup is of a rich caramel color and has a great taste" ... "Won’t go anywhere else for my AUTHENTIC maple syrup!" ... "Excellent Maple taste...Great on pancakes, waffles, biscuts and French toast" ... "I use it as a natural sweetener for my tea, hot and cold cereals, baked sweet potatoes and any other foods, eliminating the need of processed sugar. It is especially delicious over a stack of homemade pancakes!" ... "Great quality, price, and customer experience"  

Check Out Our Products!

From our trees, to your table: Hand crafted pure USDA Grade A Maple Syrup in 3 color/flavor grades and various sizes (half gallon, 1 liter, 12 oz, 250 ml, 100 ml).  

3/16" Tubing Vacuum System

Building a temperature controlled vacuum system For the 2021 season we converted our operation to 3/16" tubing and built a temperature controlled vacuum system that uses a diaphragm pump.  The setup worked amazing and we averaged over 1 gallon of sap per tap each day, totalling 19 gallons of sap per tap and 0.275 gallons of syrup per tap on the season.    We used Leader clear check valve spiles with approximately 100 taps on a total of 6 lateral lines of tubing (~16 taps per line).   Our lateral lines have fairly good elevation drop to them (over 100 feet total and at least 10 feet from the final tap in most cases).  This resulted in good natural vacuum and increased our sap yields.  Additionally, the small diaphragm pump induced additional vacuum in the lines, further increasing sap yields.  We consistently saw nearly 25 inHg of vacuum at the top of each line.    The vacuum system operates on the following basic principles: Turn on the diaphragm pump when temperatures rise above