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DIY Portable Hobby RO

This post will walk through the basic principles of reverse osmosis for maple sugaring, general design considerations for a DIY hobby unit, and an overview of a DIY portable hobby RO unit.   I use Membrane Solutions 400 gpd membranes and am incredibly happy with their performance and quality.  I have partnered with them for the upcoming season and there are affiliate links below to limited-time 10% discounts until 12/31/2022 on Membrane Soutions membranes. 400 GPD RO membrane with housing 10% off Code:ROSEUMRO102 150 GPD RO membrane,2 Pack   10% off Code:ROSEUMRO102 400 GPD RO membrane,1 Pack 10% off Code:ROSEUMRO10 General Principles: Reverse osmosis is a process by which pure water (called permeate) is created through filtration at the molecular level through semi permeable membranes, facilitated by an applied pressure (normally from a booster pump).  This removes u