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Discounted RO Membranes

We are excited to be partnering with Membrane Solutions for the upcoming season.  We use their 400gpd membranes in our hobby RO unit and love them.  They are currently offering a limited time 10% discount on their products using the codes below until 12/31/2022.   Be sure to check out our newest video review of their membranes and a recap on the basics of an RO and the benefits for maple syrup producers.  400 GPD RO membrane with housing 10% off Code:ROSEUMRO102 150 GPD RO membrane,2 Pack   10% off Code:ROSEUMRO102 400 GPD RO membrane,1 Pack 10% off Code:ROSEUMRO10

Last minute gifts!

Check out our 50 ml leaf shaped bottles !  These are perfect last minute gift ideas for family members, teachers, work colleagues, friends and neighbors!  Sweeten up their holidays with a gift of pure Pennsylvania maple syrup!