Jacqueline Colvin
a month ago
This maple syrup is of a rich caramel color and has a great taste. I use it as a natural sweetener for my tea, hot and cold cereals, baked sweet potatoes and any other foods, eliminating the need of processed sugar. It is especially delicious over a stack of homemade pancakes!
Brad Campbell
a month ago
We just received our first quart and it’s almost gone! Great quality, price, and customer experience. Won’t go anywhere else for my AUTHENTIC maple syrup!
James Doherty
2 months ago
Excellent Maple taste with a hint of smokiness. Great on pancakes, waffles, biscuts and French toast.
Ray Thomas
an hour agoNEW
I will admit that before ordering this natural Maple Syrup, my experience with syrup was restricted to whatever we got off the shelf. Roseum's All Natural Maple Syrup wasn't just an eye opener, it was a transformative experience! The bottle arrived securely packed with enough padding to swaddle a baby foal, and the first thing I noticed (after the etched logo on the bottle) was the deep, lustrous color of the syrup. Despite it being 2pm, we fired up the waffle iron and fixed a short stack to test out the syrup and we were not disappointed. The depth of flavor was breathtaking - it wasn't just sweet, it was a fully rounded sweetness with a depth that had me throwing the store bought plastic bottle into the bin. I lack the vocabulary to properly voice a recommendation of Roseum's Maple Syrup, so I'll say, simply, "This is some seriously incredible stuff and I'd fight off a swarm of rabid geese to secure another bottle!"